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Cowes Yacht Haven

Down the high street in Cowes Yacht Haven, the centre of the regatta, staff
at the main beer tent were preparing for another epic week, with up to
5,000 customers expected each night and another 5,000 during each day.
Chris Troup, who runs the bar, believes he will sell as much drink in one
week as an average pub may get through in a whole year. The top seller, he
predicts, will once again be the racing sailor’s favourite tipple, Mount
Gay Rum with Coke, followed closely by vodka and Red Bull, then Pimm’s and
then lager. “The sport is booming,” Troup said. “It’s partly the Olympic
performance. But sailing is also a very good fit for the South East-based
young man who wants a bit of a thrill – Cowes Week offers that plus a party
scene as well.” — Excerpts from a story by Ed Gorman, The Times, full story:,,4041-1713640,00.html